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ROX HF Smart Label Tag with NXP ICode ILT-M Chip


The ICODE ILT-M is a dedicated chip for passive, intelligent tags and labels supporting the ISO 18000-3 mode 3 RFID standard. It is especially suited for applications where reliable identification and high anti-collision rates are required.

The ISO 18000-3 mode 3/EPC Class-1 HF standard allows the commercialized provision of mass adoption of HF RFID technology for passive smart tags and labels. Main fields of applications are supply chain management and logistics for worldwide use.

Top Layer

  1. Blank, no print
  2. Paper
  3. Glossy

Key Features

  • 512-bit user memory
  • Up to 240-bit of EPC memory
  • 96-bit tag identifier (TID) including 48-bit unique serial number
  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) functionality
  • Recommissioning feature (privacy) with 32-bit kill password
  • 32-bit access password to allow a transition into the secured state
  • Long read/write ranges due to extremely low-power design
  • Reliable operation of multiple tags due to advanced anti-collision (up to 800 tags/s)
  • Fast initialization (write EPC)
  • Forward link: 25 kbit/s to 100 kbit/s
  • Return link: 53 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s
  • EAS
  • Enables the HF RFID tag to be used as EAS tag without the need for a backend data base