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NiceLabel Training - Creating GS1 SSCC logistic label templates

GS1 is the most widely used global standard for barcodes and labels in your supply chain.  NiceLabel Designer gives you the tools you need to create compliant GS1 labels you can use wherever you do business.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  1. About the GS1 standard
  2. How to configure GS1 functions
  3. How to create GS1 barcodes and GS1-compliant labels

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NiceLabel Label Cloud Introduction

    0:00 Introduction to GS1 standard
    0:37 Accessing sample GS1 label template
    0:52 About GS1 logistics label
    2:20 Creating a new label template
    3:30 Dynamic data
    3:50 Adding SSCC variable
    4:23 Adding GTIN variable
    4:50 Adding Box count variable
    5:01 Adding batch/LOT variable
    5:11 Adding best before variable
    5:25 Adding product name variable
    5:36 Application identifiers
    6:09 GS1-128 barcode & function (GTIN & box count)
    7:29 GS1-128 barcode & function (best before date & batch number)
    8:31 GS1-128 barcode & function (SSCC)
    9:02 GS1 Guidelines
    9:47 Adding dynamic text objects
    10:13 Generating SSCC check digit with subset function
    11:18 Generating GTIN check digit with subset function
    11:35 GS1 font and alignment requirements

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