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Intermec CN50
The most advanced rugged 3G mobile computer.
Zebra Xi™ Barcode Printer
All-metal Series offering rugged durability, outstanding print quality & fast print speed.
Motorola Launches MC75A
The Premium 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant.
BarTender Software 9.3
New Weighing Scale Support, Improved Data Entry Forms, Expanded IBM WebSphere Functions.
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Elf™, Datalogic Mobile’s new professional PDA, blazes onto the market.
IntelliTrack v. 8.0 for DMS inventory and tracking software now available.
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Datamax E-Class Mark II
The entry level label printer.
Compact, Affordable, Fast.
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Mobile Device and Wireless Infrastructure Management


Motorola MSP

Motorola Mobility Services Platform (MSP) gives you the power to automate and troubleshoot the staging and provisioning of your mobile devices from virtually any location. Whether you have hundreds of devices in a local site or tens of thousands of mobile computers around the world, this scalable and extendable management solution will get users up and running right out of the box, ensure that devices are always loaded with the most current software — from applications to operating system — and enable rapid troubleshooting of issues to help users stay up, running and productive.

Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center

Avalanche Mobility Center (MC) is a comprehensive management solution for the wireless enterprise that provides complete visibility and control of mobile devices and wireless infrastructure from a central console.

Wavelink Avalanche Remote Control

Avalanche Remote Control enables a customer’s IT department to remotely diagnose and remedy both device applications and device settings, or simply provide assisted guidance for an end-user, which reduces mobile device downtime and increases end-user productivity. 

Wavelink Avalanche CE Secure

Avalanche CE Secure is a plug-in to Avalanche MC. CE Secure delivers advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE® and Windows Mobile® devices. With Avalanche CE Secure, administrators can restrict access to the device, its applications and data. CE Secure also encrypts and/or deletes critical data on mobile devices when they are lost or stolen.

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is an advanced Mobile Device Management, Security and Support solution that allows enterprises to remotely manage and secure both large and small deployments.


Track and manage circulating assets and consumable inventory incl. user IDs, locations & quantities.
A full range of desktop and mobile label printing equipment and software solutions including RFID.   
Next generation infrastructure: indoor and outdoor access points, wireless switches and access ports. 
A full range of bar code scanner and imaging equipment. 
Labels, tags, receipt paper, wristbands, cards, RFID tags and ribbons. 
An efficient and cost effective solution to track and manage fixed assets and to calculate depreciation.
Handheld, vehicle / fixed mount, and wearable as well as tablets and laptops.
Affordable, easy to install and scalable systems which maximize efficiency and optimize labor productivity. 
Create and print professional barcodes using BarTender software or ZebraDesigner software. 
Manage and track the receipt of packages, mail or luggage through to the final destination incl. signature capture to document proof of delivery. 
Use mobile computers to scan barcodes, collect information and track location, lots, expiration dates, automate inventory reconciliation incl. user- customizable fields. 
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